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The acacia tree is known for its strong and incorruptible wood.

It is functional, sturdy, and highly valued as something that lasts well into the future...

An effective solution starts with knowing the exact source of the problem.

Acacia Power Solutions has 30+ years experience solving electrical system issues.  Our confidential client list includes the biggest names in their sectors because they trust Acacia to partner with internal teams and deliver effective solutions. 

We specialize in the finer details of electrical theory and equipment inter-operability and have perfected the technology and methodology of capturing power issues in real-time.   We know our ability to see an electrical issue manifest on-screen is integral in understanding how the system creates the problem, and is essential in delivering solutions that work. 

If you are experiencing problems in your electrical power system or grid

and are frustrated with a lack of clarity, then know

Acacia is the partner you need on your side.

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