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“We are honoured to have the support of NRC IRAP as we embark on this substantial project,” said Mr. Tamoto. “The work will be directed to developing an advanced Power Generator monitoring system integrated into a “Smart Load bank”, with the ultimate goal of increasing, reliability and efficiency of power generation systems including critical life-safety back-up generation systems” states Mr. Tamoto.

With the broad adoption of new power generation sources (such as wind and solar), along with gas and diesel power generation, micro-grid systems, battery storage, etc., all being integrated into traditional utility grids, the power industry is going through a tremendous transformation.  As new power generation systems as well as new types of loads are introduced, harmonic distortion and other power anomalies are often introduced which can compromise power system performance. 

“Our Advanced Power monitoring systems will help identify these issues and help our customers and partners mitigate issues to ensure the level of reliability expected from their primary and critical back-up power systems”.  Mr. Tamoto added “Acacia Power is pleased to have entered into this contribution agreement with NRC IRAP.  Their advisory services and funding support will help us accelerate our research and development efforts, increase employment and ultimately bring these systems to market faster than we would have otherwise been able to do on our own.” 

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From system start-up to peak load to shut down, making sure components of a system are performing together as intended is crucial when identifying the source of a problem. 

Systems Approach

Acacia specializes in the finer details of overall electrical system performance and equipment inter-operability to quickly and accurately determine the operational reality of a system and the root cause of the issues being experienced.  

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